What Makes Your 10 Week Challenge Different From All of the Other Weight Loss Programs Out There?

We understand that you are probably sick of trying the latest fad diets in order to achieve weight loss and/or good health. So we want this to be your last! Here is why our meal plans are different:

1) We focus on long term health changes, not temporary ones.
2) We help you create healthy lifestyle habits that make good food choices easier.
3) It's family friendly, so everyone eats the same meals at night. That means, less stress!
4) The recipes are easy, we limit fancy ingredients an do our best to keep the cost low.
5) If you are strugglying, we are here to help! We will listen to you and assess your situation to give you relevant and respectful tips to keep you on track.

Do We Get Shopping Lists?

Yes, our programs have shopping lists! For the 10 Week Challenge, shopping lists are designed for the participant only for breakfast and lunch, and to feed 2 people at dinner meals. For larger families you will need to double or triple dinner supplies. For most of our other programs, shopping lists are designed for 1 person. 

What Kind of Support Do I Get?

When purchasing Nutrition Hub meal plans you get access to an exclusive members only support group, as well as email support from your two coaches - Sara and Elora. Additionally, we give you all of the tools you need for success. You'll receive meal plans to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, a recipe book and shopping lists as well as a comprehensive information pack which details everything you'll need to get started and tackle your new lifestyle.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Everyone is different so therefore results vary. Weight loss results depend on your health and lifestyle circumstances. We typically see weight loss around 500g-1kg a week however some can lose over a kilo a week. Our nutrition programs also address other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress which play a huge role in successful weight loss.

I'm a Vegetarian - Can I Do the Challenge?

Yes – we have our vegetarian plant based meal plan option. It is a 5 week meal plan that is gluten free and has dairy free options. Please note, you join the support group and receive the same weekly emails as the other members who are eating meat. Also to note, this is not a vegan plan.

What Type of Food is in the Meal Plans? Is This the Paleo Diet?

The food in the Nutrition Hub meal plans is basic real food, nothing complicated or too fancy. We are also very budget and family conscious. Whilst the meal plans are based around the principles of the Paleo diet, they are less restrictive. Some meal plans include gluten free grains and carb options. We aim for a lifestyle approach to food which means, we don’t believe in super strict eating behaviour or counting calories. Plus there is always room for treats! 

Are Nutrition Hub nutrition programs Gluten and Dairy Free?

Yes and no. The 10 Week Challenge is 100% gluten-free and can easily be made completely dairy free as most recipes have a dairy free alternative, or you can simply leave it out. Dairy is generally limited to a little cheese and  yogurt. Both Sara and Elora avoid gluten and restrict dairy. Overall the Nutrition Hub meal plans all are easily adaptable and you can ask for help you via the support group if you need any suggestions.

Do I Need Any Special Cooking Equipment?

The recipes in the Nutrition Hub meal plans require you to have basic kitchen equipment including an oven, cook top, slow cooker and stick blender. Other items such as a food processor would be handy but not essential.

I Have a Physical Disability and Struggle with Exercise. Can I Still Succeed With the Meal Plans?

Absolutely! Movement is more about the positive psychological benefits of movement, rather than doing it for weight loss. However, if you are unable to complete movement during the challenge, this isn’t a bit deal – you can still be successful!

Are the Meal Plans Family Friendly?

Yes they are 100% family friendly, especially the 10 Week Challenge. We don't include any foods that are out of the ordinary, nor exclude any essential foods groups. The meals are balanced and super tasty. We don't however recommend you choose a Keto meal plan for your family, these are designed for adults. If needed, our nutritionist Sara can always make additional suggestions to help.

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