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10 Week Challenge

The PCOS Method

The PCOS Method

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The PCOS Method is designed for women, who like Sara and Elora, have PCOS. Women who have spent most of their adult lives working hard to balance out their hormones so that they both look and feel good - inside and out! 

But the PCOS Method isn't just for those with PCOS, read more here!

Nutritionist designed The PCOS Method includes:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Changed my life

I was looking at ways to lose weight. I searched high and low for ways to do this. I stumbled across this plan. I took a week to set it up. I struggled with the amount of food I was having to eat on it but soon adjusted. Because my body was in a bad way it took some time to adjust. After the 4 weeks, I continued. In the 7th week, I woke up and thought, I actually feel well. It was the first time in several years that I felt like this. I continued on this journey and completely changed my relationship with food, losing 23kg in 7 months. My endo and adenomyosis were much easier to manage and I felt good! Highly recommended!

Deb Cassidy
the pcos method

Have just completed the pcos
4 week plan and I just wanna say this plan is awesome! Meals were so tasty and simple which made it easier to stick to and I never felt hungry.
A month ago I felt bloated, had
regular headaches, body pain
especially my inflamed archiles and
being a lady in my mid 50's,
hormone changes ! Today I feel in
control and am happy to feel and
see improvements in my general
well-being. For me this was all
about feeling good and eating
better which I have accomplished
and with that I know weight loss
will follow .... and for that reason I am choosing to repeat the pcos method 😉
So here's to another round ...

Joellene Cosset

I did the PCOS program it was so tasty quick ans easy. Really enjoy the yummy meals, lots of variety.
I repeated the program twice and lost 7kilos. I exercised more after being on it and found exercise became easier. It is my go to now and it also really helped my hormones I feel so strong motivated and happy while following this and it is easy to adapt afterwards and still eat really well within the guide lines. So pleased I've found this program. Would love to give the 10week challenge a whirl too. 🥰

Pcos method, Best thing I ever did!

Pcos method, Best thing I ever did! After trying many different diets and nothing changing, and giving up quickly, this eating plan has been a game changer! Lost 10kg in the first 10wks, and definitely planning to continue. Also so much more energy and feeling happier and healthier. Meals are delicious and so easy to follow, also making enough for lunch the next day is handy for a busy schedule.

Great program, great food

I purchased this program because I struggled to loose weight and keep it off. The program is easy to follow with meal plans and shopping lists. The food is delicious and easy to prepare and cook
I am a full time worker and I love coming home knowing exactly what I’m cooking for dinner, I dont get stressed out trying to come up with exciting meals to prepare for my family.
I plan on following this program for life.
Love it, thanks Sara & Elora